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The CEO behind Victoria’s Secret posts online summary slamming Trump


Les Wexner
Les Wexner is a CEO of L Brands, that owns
Victoria’s Secret.


  • CEO of Victoria’s Secret slammed President Trump’s in a
    open video.
  • He claims Trump’s comments on immigration were “not
  • This is a second time he has oral out opposite the


Billionaire businessman Les Wexner has oral out against

Wexner, CEO of L Brands – a association that owns Victoria’s
Secret – posted a open video online, criticising
Trump’s comments on immigration. 

The video was posted a day after news pennyless that President Trump
had referred to Haiti, El Salvador, and African nations as
“shithole countries,” after being questioned in a White House

“This is not acceptable,” Wexner said.

Trump done a comments during a assembly with
bipartisan organisation of lawmakers, who were seeking
to solve The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, a
devise that had stable some immature unapproved immigrants from
deportation, that is being phased 
out by the
Trump administration.

“Why are we carrying all these people from shithole countries
come here?” Trump

This is a second time that Wexner has oral out opposite the
President. In August, he criticised a Trump’s response to a
lady being killed by a white supremacist during a
racially-charged convene in Charlottesville.

His thoughts this month echoed this: “Hearing a remarks of
yesterday, we repeat that this is not acceptable.”

Wexner afterwards went on to quote Martin Luther King:

‘In a end, we remember not a difference of a enemies, but
a overpower of a friends,’” Wexner said. “It’s critical that
we pronounce out on these issues, that this is not acceptable. It
can’t be excusable to any of us or all of us and we contingency speak

L Brands did not immediately respond to a requests for

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