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Taco Bell’s new Double Chalupa looks zero like how it was advertised (YUM)

Double ChalupaWhat Taco Bell says a Double Chalupa is ostensible to demeanour like.Taco Bell

Customers are angry that Taco Bell’s latest “boatload of goodness” is failing to container a betrothed meat-and-nacho cheesy punch. 

While Taco Bell has advertised a Double Chalupa, a limited-time charity that a sequence debuted final week, as a chalupa with double a meat, fast-food fans contend that a existence falls brief of advertising.

As Consumerist — that initial speckled complaints — notes, some people are observant that their Double Chalupas are pressed with a whole lot of veggies, but adequate beef to fill a double-wide chalupa shell. 

Here’s what the Double Chalupa should demeanour like: 

A turn on a classic. Say hello to a new #DoubleChalupa.

A post common by Taco Bell (@tacobell) on Jun 22, 2017 during 7:01am PDT on
Jun 22, 2017 during 7:01am PDT

Here’s what business say the Double Chalupa indeed looks like: 

Even in a cases of customers who seem to be enjoying a ambience of a Double Chalupa, it’s transparent that a existence doesn’t utterly compare adult with advertising. 

#locostacos #doublechalupa #tacobell #tacos🌮

A post common by John (@johnnie64) on Jun 25, 2017 during 12:01pm PDT on
Jun 25, 2017 during 12:01pm PDT

Subliminal commercials done me go travel my fat donkey to #TacoBell and try out a new #doublechalupa and boy…. Double a meat! Lol Bomb! 💣 🔥#Food #Foodstagram #igers #LosAngeles #california #Foodie #SexyAF #Fatpeopleeyecandy #nofilter #BombDotCom #IDGAF #Calories #goodbyesoon #Foodcoma

A post common by ↪Glenny™↩ (@gee_cheezy) on Jun 26, 2017 during 12:01am PDT on
Jun 26, 2017 during 12:01am PDT

So currently we attempted a Double Chalupa during Taco Bell in a Spicy Version (they only combined jalapeños, not value it) and we will contend it was Good, it would be Great if they supplement some nacho cheese on it nonetheless 🙌🏾 #tacobell #chalupa #doublechalupabox #doublechalupa #foodie #lunch

A post common by Reecey 👑 (@cocky_capricorn) on Jun 25, 2017 during 6:24pm PDT on
Jun 25, 2017 during 6:24pm PDT

A super-sized chalupa bombard creates it some-more formidable for business to see a beef in a Double Chalupa — even when workers are, in fact, putting in twice as most beef or chicken.

It’s a stately crispy, nonetheless chewy vessel of taco meat! 🔥🙌🏼 @tacobell #KingChalupa #DoubleChalupa #Chalupa

A post common by Dj Phat™ (@phatphood) on Jun 24, 2017 during 11:50am PDT on
Jun 24, 2017 during 11:50am PDT

Taco Bell told Business Insider that it was wakeful of a amicable media complaints. 

“Our Customer Care group has been in hit with a fans to safeguard they have a best Double Chalupa knowledge possible, and we are joining with a grill teams to safeguard a business accept Double Chalupas that surpass their expectations,” a orator pronounced in an email. 

The aesthetics of quick food are a large problem for Taco Bell, where the Instagram-ability of food drives new menu ideas. 

“We wish people to speak about it, and blog about it, and get excited, and share their pictures,” Liz Matthews, Taco Bell’s arch creation officer, told Business Insider progressing this year when asked about how a sequence comes adult with a new menu items. “We can always make food ambience good. But, how do we get that turn that creates it a partial of people’s lives instead of only eating?”

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