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Starbucks shoots down viral gossip that it’s giving divided giveaway coffee to undocumented immigrants (SBUX)

Fake Starbucks newsFake coupons have been widespread online, claiming that Starbucks is giving discounts to undocumented immigrants.Twitter

Starbucks has shot down rumors that a coffee giant was formulation to offer discounts to undocumented American immigrants.

“All undocumented Americans will accept any object on a Starbucks menu 40% off,” reads a feign banking that claimed to foster “Starbucks DREAMer Day” that has been being common online over a final week.

Starbucks debunked rumors about a #BorderFreeCoffee graduation on Twitter over a weekend. 

“We’re contemptible though you’ve been misinformed,” a association tweeted in response to a twitter accusing a sequence of “pandering” to immigrants. “Starbucks is not sponsoring any such event.”

The picture compelling a feign graduation seems to have widespread from a post on 4chan’s Politically Incorrect summary board.


The summary house gained a grade of notoriety during a 2016 presidential choosing for spreading pro-Trump memes and feign news, such as encouraging Clinton supporters to vote around content message. 

Starbucks is known its on-going politics, including support of DACA, a module that allows undocumented students to entered a US as minors to equivocate deportation. 

In January, Starbucks affianced to sinecure 10,000 refugees after Trump released an executive sequence exclusive refugees from entering a US, sparking regressive protest threats. Last year, long-time CEO and a stream authority of Starbucks’ board, Howard Schultz, permitted Democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton for president.

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