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Scott Galloway rightly likely Amazon would buy Whole Foods — here’s who he thinks Amazon should acquire next

Amazon purchased Whole Foods a small reduction than 4 months ago. Whole Foods products are already appearing on Amazon, and Alexa inclination have done it to a shelves of Whole Foods. 

With this only a latest in a prolonged list of companies Amazon has acquired, we were wondering who would be next. To answer that doubt we brought in Scott Galloway, a highbrow of selling during NYU Stern School of Business and the author of a new book, “The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google.” The following is a transcript of a video.

Scott Galloway: Next merger for Amazon would be Nordstrom. I consider a most logical, or strategically rational, merger for Amazon would be Nordstrom.

Amazon now has a permit to get into a wealthiest refrigerators in a nation. And they are targeting the wealthy with their merger of Whole Foods, but they still don’t have permit or permission to get into a closets since a aspirational beauty and conform brands don’t wish to distribute through Amazon; however, shopping Nordstrom would get them those relations overnight.

Nordstrom is an unusually well-run company. They’re in Seattle. This thing only fits kind of hand-and-glove; however, there’s an X cause here. And a X cause is that Nordstrom is family controlled, definition a decisions are made around a Thanksgiving cooking list as against to its shareholder meeting. So we’ll see.

But likely a acquisitions that’ll take place will be little unknown companies that assistance fill out, or fill in, some holes in their fulfillment network. But we can also see a association going after some niche wire networks, maybe an AMC or a Scripps, as they comprehend strange calm creates intensity across those 60% of US households that are now Prime members by going in and picking up some cable broadcast companies.

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