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Noodles & Co. is pivoting from the signature plate after carb-fearing business cost it $67.5 million (NDLS)

Noodles  CompanyNoodles Co. is perplexing to spin business around with zucchini noodles.Noodles Company

Noodles Co. is contrast a new bottom for a pasta dishes: veggie noodles.

The noodles are done from zucchinis that are spiralized daily in Noodles Co. restaurants.

Customers can sequence a noodles as a bottom for any pasta plate on a menu for an additional $1.50.

The veggie noodles are accessible starting Wednesday during a company’s restaurants in Baltimore and Broomfield, Colorado.

Noodles Co. is adding a new bottom to interest to business who wish to “build healthier eating habits” and equivocate grains, gluten, and carbs for dietary or medical reasons, according to Jonathan Tress, clamp boss of selling during Noodles Co.

The noodles also daub into a flourishing trend, pronounced Nick Graff, executive cook during Noodles Co.

Noodles  CompanyNoodles Company

“Pasta alternatives done from uninformed vegetables is a flourishing trend that we’ve been building for utterly some time,” Graff said.

Noodles Co. is perplexing to interest to health-conscious business as it struggles to spin business around following years of handling waste and diseased same-store sales. In a many new quarter, handling waste widened to $28 million from $2.4 million final year and same-store sales fell 2%.

Operating waste totalled $67.5 million final year and $21 million in 2015.

The sequence has been shutting restaurants, slimming down a menu, and deliberation a name change to boost sales.

But it still has some-more work to do. Within a final year, a company’s batch has mislaid some-more than 41% of a value.

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