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KROGER CEO: ‘Whole Foods is a good fit’ for Amazon (KR, WFM, AMZN)

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When Amazon announced it would be shopping Whole Foods for $13.7 billion, Kroger’s batch tanked. The competing grocery store saw a shares dump some-more than 11% in a hours after a announcement.

Despite a losses, Kroger’s CEO says business will continue like normal after Amazon central acquires Whole Foods.

“We do unequivocally concentration on a prolonged term. The prolonged tenure is 3 to 5 years. We continue to grow marketplace share. Our business continue to tell us were doing a improved job,” Rodney McMullen, Kroger’s Chairman and CEO, pronounced in an talk with CNBC.

Mullen told CNBC that a sell attention is always changing and that a new merger is only one blip in an ongoing timeline.

“I theory for me it wasn’t as most of a warn as it was for others. You know, we could tell that Amazon wanted to do something from a earthy item standpoint and we consider Whole Foods is a good fit for them. We feel good about where we are,” McMullen said.

Kroger has been operative toward competing with organic and natural-food focused retailers. McMullen pronounced that Kroger is now charity some-more organic products during some-more permitted prices. He pronounced a organic dishes business is a $16 billion category, and he hopes to take a cut of that marketplace for Kroger.

Amazon has a vast financial cushion, and Kroger investors are disturbed Amazon will use that pillow to reduce prices during Whole Foods, creation it some-more competitive. McMullen was questioned on how Kroger’s already skinny distinction margins will perform after a Whole Foods deal, and he simply forked again to a constantly changing sell landscape as a reason not to worry. Kroger assumes that foe will always be on a rise, and prices that into a financial projections.

Buying Whole Foods gives Amazon entrance to earthy locations all opposite a nation. These locations could be a starting indicate for a inhabitant grocery placement network for Amazon. McMullen pronounced he sees Kroger charity a possess large-scale smoothness use one day, though that stores are still important.

“People still like to go revisit with friends, rivet and see new dishes and new practice … What we find is for some events, a patron likes to come into a store, revisit with family and friends and a store associates, and learn some-more about food. Other times when they’re in a hurry, that’s when they wish to only expostulate through, collect something adult or get it delivered to their house. So what we find is when we put all of those things together in a seamless way, that is when it unequivocally connects good with a customer,” McMullen told CNBC.

Kroger is down 31.88% this year and is trade during $22.97. The association was rising on Tuesday and was adult 1.72%.

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