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Kmart has a ridiculously mocking aphorism on the selling bags

Kmart’s new aphorism stands
in sheer contrariety to a existence of a dying


Kmart recently started copy a new aphorism on a plastic
selling bags. 

It reads: “Life is ridiculously AWESOME.” 

The contented aphorism — printed in large, red letters opposite the
plain white credentials of a bags — is likely meant to
interest to millennial shoppers.

But ironically, it stands in sheer contrariety to a existence facing
Kmart’s failing business, as The
New Yorker’s 
Vinson Cunningham reports. 

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May 30, 2017 during 10:11am PDT

Kmart’s same-store sales, or sales open during stores during slightest a
year, fell 5.3% final year. Those declines picked adult gait during the
commencement of this year, with same-store sales descending 11.2% in
a many new quarter. 

Over a final 5 years, a association has sealed hundreds of
stores, and now has fewer than 624 stores, down from 1,221
locations in 2012.

With a store closures, tens of thousands of employees have lost
their jobs, and a company’s annual sales have been
slashed from $14.6 billion in 2012 to $10.2 billion in

Kmart’s primogenitor company, Sears Holdings, is perplexing to turn
business around during Kmart and Sears stores with large spending
some-more store closures, and, as evidenced by a cosmetic bags,

new slogans. 

It remains to be seen if a efforts will revive the
business, that has been in decrease for years. Wall Street
analysts are doubtful that a turnaround is possible, and many
are predicting
a association will announce failure within a subsequent two

It doesn’t assistance matters that the retail attention is
undergoing large upheaval,
with companies dogmatic failure and shutting stores during rates
not seen given a recession.

Perhaps Kmart is anticipating it’s upbeat aphorism will distract
shoppers from a grave existence that it, and a rest of the
sell industry, is facing.

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