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Japanese mega-brewery Sapporo is shopping a renouned US qualification drink builder for $85 million

anchor steam brewing association san francisco
qualification drink bites a dust.


Japanese mega-brewery Sapporo
is shopping a builder of a renouned qualification drink Anchor Steam for
$85 million, a company
announced Thursday.

The merger of Anchor Brewing Company will assistance Sapporo —
that creates a macrobrew of a same name — enhance a footprint
and placement in a hop-loving US as drink drinking
continues to decrease in Japan. 

The understanding is approaching to tighten during a finish of a month.

Founded in San Francisco in 1896, Anchor is one of America’s
original craft breweries and a 22nd-largest in the
country, according to the
Brewers Association. It sole 1.75 million cases final year and
generated $33 million in revenue. 

The understanding is usually a latest
in a call of macrobrew takeovers of smaller qualification producers,
as American palates and preferences have slanted from traditional
domestic offerings to a singular and innumerable flavors conjured up
by smaller drink outfits. 

Craft drink continues to grow, despite slower than in years past,
according to Brewers Association arch economist Bart Watson. Two
breweries are started each day in the US.

But informal qualification breweries like Anchor — confronting stiff
foe from both a macrobrewers that have entered the
qualification marketplace around merger and a internal microbreweries and
brewpubs — have struggled of late. 

That might be because Sapporo got a brewery on a cheap, compared
with other deals. Bloomberg reported that Constellation Brands
paid 8.7 times income for Ballast Point in 2015, while Sapporo
usually paid 2.6 times income for Anchor.

“Some of a comparison brands are struggling a small some-more in the
market,” Watson told Business Insider. “Obviously
Anchor have a princely brand, as a strange brewer that
started this series … though they fit a settlement of breweries
that are struggling a small bit some-more in this slowdown.”

Anchor’s home bottom of San Francisco is an especially
rival and high-cost market, Watson said. 

Earlier this summer, a Brewers Association
altered adult a criteria for earning a designation
“independent craft,” capping tub sales during 6 million and
firm tenure during 25%. 

As a result, 14 breweries — including AB
InBev acquirees Goose Island, Kona, Blue Point, and
Breckenridge — can no longer check themselves with the
associations “independent craft” seal. 

Add Anchor Brewing Company to that list. 

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