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‘I’m substantially gonna sack you’: Furious pizza smoothness motorist leaves 4-page minute on a doorstep of patron who didn’t tip

Lauren Ledford
Lauren Ledford wants to
get a confining sequence opposite a driver.

Facebook/Lauren Ledford

A smoothness motorist with Postmates threatened to “rob” a woman
after she unsuccessful to leave him a $4 tip on a $20 pizza

Lauren Ledford found a four-page minute on her doorstep
in Redondo Beach, California, after she didn’t leave a tip for a
Postmates motorist who had delivered a pizza to her home a week

In a letter, a motorist threatened to come behind and sack Ledford
if she does not tip in future.

“I’m usually joking, yet not really. Don’t risk it though. Who knows
what a discontented smoothness motorist who can’t means to eat that
day is able of,” a minute read.

He afterwards went on to make extremist and derogative comments about
women and claimed that he was “high.”

Ledford, who describes herself as a indication on her Facebook
page, posted a minute to amicable media after angry that
Postmates, an app that
connects eccentric smoothness drivers and couriers to customers
to sequence roughly anything — from grill dishes to
groceries —

had not addressed a emanate or called
her back.

Lauren Ledford
Ledford seemed on local
TV with a 4-page letter.

YouTube/Nikita GrinnFilm

Ledford wrote
on Facebook that she suspicion a tip was enclosed in the
smoothness charges that had been combined to her sequence by
Postmates. She also reliable that a sequence was
indeed requisitioned around Postmates, given this was a usually pizza
smoothness she had perceived in a past dual months.

In a letter, a motorist identified himself as a male and
confirms that he had delivered pizza to her residence a week

Postmates reliable to Business Insider that it had dangling the
motorist and contacted Ledford privately to apologize. The company
pronounced that all of a engaged drivers go by background

“Every Postmate is screened before they’re available to
broach on a platform, starting with veteran third-party
credentials and DMV checks,” a orator for a app told
Business Insider.

“The rapist credentials check includes inhabitant and county-level
databases and annals stretching behind a smallest of 7 years
for examination of philosophy in California, or as deemed appropriate
in other jurisdictions. Among other things, Postmates denies
entrance to field for aroused crimes, felonies, sexual
offenses, or drug-related philosophy that seem on a background
check,” a orator said.

Ledford contacted internal military to get a confining order, but
Postmates has refused to recover a driver’s full identity.

It’s unequivocally frightful meaningful that they have unexpected cut this
man’s income off and will not assistance to safeguard my insurance from
this psycho,” Ledford wrote on her Facebook page.

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