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Denny’s is feuding with ‘Dawson’s Creek’ star James Van Der Beek, who’s sanctimonious to be a DJ on Twitter

Van Der Beek Diplo
James Van Der Beek is using a feign Diplo Twitter
that’s feuding with Denny’s.


Denny’s is feuding with a feign Diplo Twitter comment run by James
Van Der Beek, an actor done famous by his starring purpose in
“Dawson’s Creek.”

The Twitter
argument — that usually gets some-more treacherous a deeper we puncture —
began on Monday.

Mad Decent, a record tag indeed run by DJ/producer
Diplo, accused Denny’s of hidden a potato-centric joke
from a Twitter account. 

“[D]enny’s tweets have always been irritating though this is a last
straw,” a record tag tweeted.

A Twitter user called Diplo, with a hoop @_diplo_,
 backed adult Mad Decent, revelation Denny’s to “stay away” from
his record label.

However, a Twitter account in doubt is not, in fact,
run by Diplo. It is run by Van Der Beek, a actor who done his
name personification Dawson Leery on “Dawson’s Creek.” 

Van Der Beek is personification Diplo in Viceland’s “What Would Diplo
Do?,” a array that debuts on Thursday. The
New York Times called the uncover a “satirical (and often
flat-out mean) demeanour during a life of an irrationally confident
E.D.M. star.” Apparently, what Diplo would do in this situation,
in Van Der Beek’s mind, is collect a quarrel with Denny’s. 

Denny’s responded by implying Diplo — who they called “Dilpo” —
was a potato. 

“[I]t’s creation me tremble so tough devising a room of a ad
group guys using this comment high fiving eachother over this
terrible comeback,” Van Der Beek as Diplo tweeted in

Denny’s afterwards offering to send “Dilpo” a basket of potatoes.  

It’s misleading if a Denny’s amicable media group thinks it is
fighting with a tangible DJ, realizes it is arguing with Van Der
Beek, or if this is all some kind of graduation for a new show.
The genuine Diplo, whose Twitter hoop is @diplo, has not tweeted
in response to a feud, and Van Der Beek as Diplo is
signaling it all competence only be a stunt. 

Business Insider has reached out to Denny’s and will
update this essay if things start to make clarity at

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