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Consumer products hulk Unilever has been employing employees regulating mind games and synthetic comprehension — and it’s a outrageous success

hirevue face
Unilever wants to be a
tellurian personality when it comes to regulating synthetic comprehension for


• Unilever has used synthetic comprehension to shade all
entry-level employees for a past year.

• Candidates play neuroscience-based games to measure
fundamental traits, and have available interviews analyzed by

• The association considers a examination a large success and
will continue it indefinitely.

For a past year, Dutch-British consumer products hulk Unilever
has been regulating synthetic comprehension to sinecure entry-level
employees, and a association says that it has dramatically
increasing farrago and cost efficiency.

“We were going to campus a same approach we was recruited over 20
years ago,” Mike Clementi, VP of tellurian resources for North
America, told Business Insider. “Inherently something didn’t feel

Unilever is one of a world’s heading consumer goods
conglomerates, with billion-dollar brands like Axe, Dove, and
Lipton, and has 170,000 employees worldwide. Clementi pronounced the
association indispensable to find a approach to reinvigorate itself, and
transforming new talent recruitment was one approach to do so.

Instead of promulgation member to chosen universities,
collecting résumés, and arranging follow-up phone interviews for
a students that stranded out, Unilever has partnered with digital
HR use providers Pymetrics and HireVue to totally record the
initial stairs of a process. If possibilities pass a AI screening,
they afterwards go by an in-person screening that determines if
they get a job.

Candidates learn of a jobs online by outlets like Facebook
or LinkedIn and contention their LinkedIn profiles — no résumé
required. They afterwards spend around 20 mins personification 12
neuroscience-based games on a Pymetrics platform. If their
formula compare a compulsory profiles of certain position, they
pierce on to an talk around HireVue, where they record responses
to preset talk questions. The record analyzes things
like pivotal words, intonation, and physique denunciation and creates records on
them for a employing manager. All of this apportionment can be completed
on a smartphone or tablet.

If a claimant creates it by these dual steps, afterwards they are
invited to a Unilever bureau where they will go by a
day-in-the-life scenario. By a finish of a day, a manager will
confirm possibly or not they are a right fit for a job.

The employing renovate took outcome in 68 countries and was conducted
in 15 languages, and concerned a sum of 250,000 applicants.
Unilever common a North American results, from Jul 2016 to
Jun 2017.

• Applications to jobs doubled within a initial 90 days of their
posting YOY, from 15,000 to 30,000 applicants.

• Unilever “hired their many opposite category to date.” There was a
10% boost in hires of non-white margin and an increase
from 840 to 2,600 universities represented. There was an
undisclosed balancing of socioeconomic category represented, and
hires were offset opposite gender, a latter probably unchanged

• The normal time for a claimant to be hired went from four
months to 4 weeks, with a accumulative saving of 50,000 hours of
candidates’ time. Recruiter’s time spent on applications was
decreased by 75%.

• The rate of offers to possibilities who finished it to a final round
increasing from 63% to 80%, and a acceptance rate of these
offers increasing from 64% to 82%.

• The execution rate of a 12 Pymetrics games was 98%. The
normal measure of a altogether routine was rated 4.1 out of 5.0,
formed on a 25,000 margin who took a survey.

What a routine looks like

Step 1: Submit LinkedIn

Candidates can find pursuit listings on Unilever’s website, though in
lieu of campus visits, college seniors are also targeted with job
postings on Facebook, LinkedIn, The Muse, and WayUp. They then
contention a couple to their LinkedIn profile.

Step 2: Play neuroscience games

Pymetrics CEO Frida Polli, who cofounded a association with Julie
Yoo in 2013, pronounced that a 12 games are “essentially a gold
customary of cognitive neuroscience,” in that they’re formed on
tests that those in a margin have prolonged employed.

Games exam traits like ability to focus, memory, attribute to
risk, and ability to review romantic contra contextual cues. For
example, a diversion that tests risk gives users 3 mins to
collect as many “money” as probable regulating a following system:
clicking “pump” inflates a balloon by $0.05; during any indicate the
user can click “collect money; if a balloon pops from
over-inflation, a user receives no money. The user is presented
with balloons until a timer runs out.

pymetrics game
The “balloon game”
measures a candidate’s attribute to risk.


A discreet user who takes a tiny volume of income from each
balloon to equivocate losing anything is not improved or worse than an
brave user who tries to take any balloon to a limit.
“There is no right or wrong in a spectrum, and we’re not just
creation that adult to make we feel good,” Polli said. “Traits at
possibly finish of a spectrum could be unequivocally befitting to
opposite careers.”

Unilever had well-developed employees in opposite roles play the
games and used their formula as a benchmark for new possibilities to
be totalled against.

Users are told immediately after any diversion how their performance
was analyzed, and recruiters are means to see those results
compared to benchmarks. Polli pronounced that while a candidate’s
opening on any of a games could change depending on context
a same approach their opening on an SAT would change if they
were sleepy contra alert, for example, though distinct with a SAT,
she said, use would not significantly change one’s
opening on a Pymetrics games.

Unilever possibilities who did not make it to a subsequent turn were
means to contention their formula to other companies that partner with

Step 3: Interview with HireVue

Candidates who have a traits compulsory of a position they’re
requesting to afterwards take a HireVue interview, that can be finished with
a mechanism camera or with a smartphone. They spend a few minutes
on any of a questions compulsory for their role, vocalization to the
camera. The interviews are not live.

Candidates can do their
HireVue talk on their smartphone.


HireVue’s AI afterwards analyzes any of a answers, observant aspects of
a video like pivotal words, physique language, and tone. Hiring
managers afterwards see a minute list of possibilities a program
deemed achieved best.

Step 4: Spend a day in a life

After a algorithms assistance managers collect a many promising
candidates, it’s time to let tellurian visualisation take over.

Candidates who have finished it this distant are invited to a Unilever
bureau to knowledge what a pursuit would entail, and if the
recruiter operative with them deems them a fit, they will receive
an offer shortly after their visit.

Going from 0 to 100

Pymetrics CEO Frida Polli pronounced that of all her company’s clients,
Unilever was “by distant a one that went from 0 to 100.” Unilever
schooled about Pymetrics in mid-2015 and motionless to use it the
following February.

Rather than undergoing a tiny beta phase, Unilever used the
routine described above with all novice applications as explanation of
concept, and afterwards rolled it out to all entry-level positions.

Unilever’s North American conduct of HR, Mike Clementi, pronounced that
his group is still anticipating ways to serve labour a process, to
safeguard that possibilities have an beguiling knowledge that is
singular to Unilever, and one that is not overly mechanized. But he
is vivacious with a initial year’s results, and is already
contrast ways a routine can be used as a addition to
mid-career hires or parallel inner changes.

“Unilever, like many large companies, we’re perplexing to reinvent
ourselves,” Clementi said. “And we are unequivocally perplexing to digitize
everything.” In 2015, he believed that embracing Pymetrics and
HireVue, rather than gradually perplexing tiny experiments, gave
Unilever “an event to be a personality in this sector.”

“Amazingly, the care group was also all in, and we decided
to do it.”

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