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Burger King directly attacks Wendy’s and brings behind sharp nuggets in sharpening fast-food battle

Burger King sharp nuggets
Burger King is portion Spicy Chicken Nuggets for the
initial time.


Burger King is bringing behind sharp duck nuggets after
fast-food fans were anguished to remove a renouned menu item
progressing this year. 

There’s only one problem — sharp nuggets weren’t on Burger King’s
menu. They were a dear Wendy’s menu item, that a fast-food
cut from a menu progressing in 2017. 

On Tuesday, Burger King announced a launch of Spicy Chicken
Nuggets. The 10-piece limited time charity will cost

The fast-food sequence is pointedly going after
Wendy’s with a launch. In Los Angeles, Miami, and New
York City, all business named “Wendy” will accept on free
10-piece sequence of Spicy Chicken Nuggets after noon on Friday,
Oct 13 if they move a current form of identification. 

“There were a integrate competitors out there that did spicy
nuggets, and all of a sudden, one or dual of these
competitors motionless to discharge a product,” Burger King’s
boss Alex Macedo told Business Insider.

Burger King
Burger King is holding out
a full page ad in a Miami Herald to foster a new


“We saw some of a same things we had seen for Chicken Fries,” a
menu object Burger King brought behind in 2015 after discontinuing
a dish, Macedo said. “People were longing this sharp nugget.
They wanted sharp nuggets.” 

Wendy’s told fans that it private sharp nuggets from a menu due
to a miss of demand. Macedo says that Burger Kings nuggets can
attain where Wendy’s unsuccessful since a sequence tested a new
gob recipe, focusing in on what business crave. 

“There’s a need out there, and we have a LTO,” or singular time
offering, Macedo said. “We wish to take advantage of this
event before anyone else does. So, we’re going true to
a point.” 


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