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Amazon is employing 50,000 people currently — here’s how to get a pursuit (AMZN)

amazon warehousesCandidates are being hired for make-up and fighting of Amazon products.Robert Galbraith / REUTERS

Amazon is going on a employing debauch and we have one day to take advantage of it.

On Wednesday 2 August, Amazon is hosting a supposed “Jobs Day” during twelve of a warehouses across a US.

The online store will be giving possibilities a debate around a room to see how it’s operated, offering interviews, and on-the-spot pursuit offers for part-time and full-time positions for fighting and shipping Amazon’s products to customers.  

Amazon announced in January that it skeleton to emanate some-more than 100,000 new jobs by mid-2018, grow a workforce to over 280,000 in total.

Here’s what we need to know to apply:

How to dress:

  • Long hair next shoulder length contingency be pinned or tied up.
  • Beards should not surpass 3 inches from a face but being tied adult or netted.
  • Make certain we don’t have any bondage or drawstrings unresolved from wardrobe and that we mislay any valuables that sticks out from a physique as this could be a reserve hazard.
  • Wear flat, closed-toe and closed-heel shoes.

What to move with you:

  • Proof of practice eligibility. See here for a list of excusable documents. 

Here’s a full list of participating locations:

Baltimore, Maryland

Fall River, Massachusetts

Buffalo, New York

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Romeoville, Illinois

Hebron, Kentucky

Kent, Washington

Etna, Ohio

Whitestown, Indiana

Kenosha, Wisconsin

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Robbinsville, New Jersey

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