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Method Man says he’s never listened a Wu-Tang manuscript Martin Shkreli bought for $2 million

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The Wu-Tang Clan album, “Once Upon a Time in Shaolin,” might go
down as one of a many obscure chapters in a story of the
mythological swat group.

Only one duplicate exists and a chairman who paid a reported $2
million to buy it, former curative executive Martin
Shkreli, was convicted of bonds rascal in Aug and recently
placed a one-of-a-kind album
on eBay.

But a biggest doubt has been a album’s authenticity. Is
there an album? And if so, is it an central Wu-Tang album?

Business Insider brought these questions adult to Wu-Tang member
Method Man on Thursday.

“Yeah, we consider there is an tangible album,” Method Man said, while
compelling a uncover he’s now on, HBO’s “The Deuce.” “As far
as recording, that’s as distant as my strech went. When we was
sensitive how they were entrance offered a album, we kind of
flipped out, since we was misinformed by a chairman who gave me
a information. It’s tough for me to pronounce on it since we wasn’t
in a loop.”

Since Shkreli bought a manuscript it’s turn a fable of a own.

Rumors of the concept entrance to Wu-Tang personality RZA while
atop a Great Pyramid
of Khufu, and that Bill Murray (a crony of RZA’s) was
contractually authorised to take a manuscript off Shkreli’s hands
in a heist, widespread distant and wide. And Shkreli flaunted it every
possibility he had,
live-streaming marks after Donald Trump was elected
president, and removing into a
open squabble over a manuscript with Wu member Ghostface Killah.

martin shkreli
Martin Shkreli holding a “Once Upon a Time in
Shaolin” album.


Recently a large discuss is either “Once Upon a Time in Shaolin”
is an central Wu-Tang album. Representatives for Method Man
and associate member U-God
contend it isn’t, and instead is a byproduct of marks produced
by Moroccan writer Tarik Azzougarh, also famous as Cilvaringz.

Method Man, himself, doesn’t know.

“I wouldn’t know since we haven’t listened it,” he said. “I only
know a marks that we separate on. That is it.”

Looking behind on a approach a manuscript was released, and a antics of
Shkreli, Method Man thinks it was finished all wrong.

“My personal opinion, we wouldn’t have finished it that way,” he said.
“I would have only gave it to a people during a finish of a day.
But we have people that have families to feed, things of that
nature. And afterwards to have someone [buy a album] that is pretty
most disliked by a lot of people formed off something that had
zero to do with hip-hop, that done it worse.”

Method Man said fans shouldn’t be bummed over not being
means to hear a “Once Upon a Time” manuscript since a new Wu album
is entrance out October
15, “Wu-Tang: The Saga Continues.” That’s really an
central album, he said.

The rapper-actor didn’t seem that meddlesome in articulate about the
Shkreli situation, though he was amused that one of a prospective
jurors at Shkreli’s hearing pronounced in court, before
being excused, that Shkreli “disrespected a Wu-Tang.”

“Yeah, you’ll be astounded how distant that W stretches,” Method Man

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