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Meet a 20-year-old Florida male who announced he won a $450 million Mega Millions lottery on Facebook and credits ‘a certain mindset’

Mega Millions lottery leader Shane Missler from Florida
Shane Missler is regulating his
lottery loot to take caring of his family and “have some fun
along a way.”

Joe Raedle /

  • The Mega Millions lottery reached a fourth-largest
    kitty in story final week during $450 million.
  • The solitary leader is 20-year-old Shane Missler, who
    announced his win on Facebook with 3 words: “Oh. My.
  • Missler is a Florida proprietor and is holding a lump
    sum of scarcely $282 million.


A 20-year-old Florida male became an present multi-millionaire
final Friday on finding he won a $450 million Mega
Millions jackpot.

“Oh. My. God.” Shane Missler wrote on his Facebook page January
5, small hours after a Mega Millions draw. He
reportedly pennyless a news to his father over a crater of coffee the
subsequent morning.

Missler bought 5 lottery tickets during a 7-Eleven store in Pasco
County, Florida progressing that day,
according to a Daily Mail, regulating income he formerly won
from a scratch-off lottery ticket.

Missler — who is creatively from Maine and a unapproachable fan of a New
England Patriots and Boston Celtics, according to his social
media accounts — will take
a pile sum of $281,874,999,
according to a matter from his lawyer.

“I’m usually 20, though we wish to use it to pursue a accumulation of
passions, assistance my family and do some good for humanity,” Missler

The income will be paid to a trust called “Secret 007, LLC” and
Missler will be a handling member, according to lottery
officials in Florida.

“Although I’m immature I’ve had a pile-up march this week in
financial government and we feel so advantageous to have this
implausible resources and group behind me. we intend to take caring of my
family, have some fun along a approach and concrete a trail for
financial success so that we can leave a bequest distant into the
future,” Missler said.

Missler quit his pursuit during a internal credentials screening company
shortly after a win. The kitty is a fourth-largest in Mega
Millions history, and Missler is a solitary winner. He credits his
good happening to certain thinking.

“If there is one thing we have schooled so distant in my brief time
on this earth it is that those who say a certain mindset
and stay loyal to themselves get rewarded,” he said. “I look
brazen to a future.”

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