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What we need to know on Wall Street today

Jeff Bezos, owner of Blue Origin and CEO of Amazon, speaks about a destiny skeleton of Blue Origin during an residence to attendees during Access Intelligence's SATELLITE 2017 discussion in Washington, U.S., Mar 7, 2017. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts
Bezos, owner of Blue Origin and CEO of Amazon, speaks about the
destiny skeleton of Blue Origin in Washington

Thomson Reuters

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If we indispensable any serve explanation that Amazon is jolt a US
blurb landscape to a really core, demeanour no serve than the
past week.

$13.7 billion understanding for Whole Foods has had a sputter effect
opposite sectors. Traditional grocery-store players like

Costco, and
Target saw their
bonds get smashed after a understanding was announced. Critics

contend a understanding could give Amazon an unfair
advantage. Walmart

could go head-to-head with Amazon to buy Whole Foods.

The effects haven’t been contained to a grocery aisles, either.
United Natural Foods, a primary distributor for Whole Foods,
also took a
hit. And the
curative supply sequence took a large strike too. Then, it
emerged that Amazon could enter into a partnership
with a world’s biggest athletic-apparel brand, attack the
likes of Dick’s, Under Armour, and Foot Locker. 

In a past week, Jeff Bezos has handed
corporate America a $50 billion question.

In associated news, we attempted Amazon’s line of men’s work wardrobe to
see if it’s value a money—
here’s a verdict. And a petition on Change.org is

pursuit on Amazon to accept bitcoin “ASAP.”

In Wall Street news, Deutsche Bank
suddenly pulled an offer to sinecure a tip executive during a last
minute, loitering a efforts to finish shake at
its fixed-income operation. Most of
a large banks are on a arise after
flitting a Federal
Reserve’s highlight tests Thursday. And the

conduct of batch deals during Goldman Sachs is retiring.

Two once-hot romantic sidestep funds
have mislaid a large cube of their assets. And the
Wall Street father bro is carrying an existential crisis,
according to Business Insider’s Linette Lopez. 

In millennials news:

  • BANK OF AMERICA: Millennials could vigilance a “big top” in the

  • Wall Street is waking adult to a pivotal direct of millennial

  • Millennials are about to advantage from “one of a largest
    intergenerational resources transfers in history”

  • A VC says a 3 things an novice needs to do to measure a
    full-time pursuit have zero to do with preparation or skill

Qatar Airways’ investment in
American Airlines exposes an strange turn of pomposity in the
airline business, according to Business Insider’s Ben Zhang.

Travis Kalanick’s abdication as Uber’s CEO has put an IPO in
doubt —
though there’s still a unsafe trail to a open offering.
And here are
8 expected possibilities for a Uber CEO role. 

In tech news:

  • Apple is beefing adult a song use as it continues to battle

  • Blackberry is falling following a quarterly formula despite
    removing a large boost from a settlement win against

  • RICHARD GREENFIELD: we am bullish on Twitter and would be
    repelled if it wasn’t bought within dual years

  • Yahoo is shutting down a news app it bought from a
    17-year-old Brit for a reported $30 million

Lastly, here are the
best rooftop bars in New York City.

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