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UBS analyzed 120,000 reviews of Chipotle — and a discouraging trend emerged (CMG)

Chipotle Test Kitchen 5Chipotle’s online ratings started disappearing months before a new food scare.Hollis Johnson

Chipotle’s online ratings are plummeting to “historic lows,” according to a report by UBS. 

It’s not surprising for ratings to dump after a food-safety shock like a norovirus conflict during a Chipotle in Sterling, Virginia, final month.

But a decrease started months before a new food-safety scare, according to UBS’ research of 120,000 online reviews dating behind to 2010.

Chipotle’s online scores have forsaken a sum of 30% given 2010, to 2.6 stars out of five, that is lower than a scores of peers including Qdoba and Moe’s Southwest Grill, the report found. 

Chipotle’s ratings fell neatly after a E. coli conflict involving a restaurants in late 2015, afterwards showed signs of liberation final year after a sequence introduced chorizo to a menu.

But that strike was short-lived. 

ChipotleUBS Evidence Lab

Ratings started disappearing again in April, around a time that Chipotle rolled out a largest-ever selling campaign, that enclosed a initial inhabitant TV ads. 

“We would have approaching to see an alleviation in online examination scores as a result, yet instead scores declined starting in April,” a analysts wrote.

The norovirus outbreak in Virginia final month sent ratings even lower.

“While this is doubtful to be something that Chipotle could predict or control, some-more disastrous broadside could serve repairs code reputation, perceptions, and trust,” analysts said.

ChipotleUBS Evidence Lab

The series of reviews mentioning prolonged lines has also dropped to below a post-E. coli-outbreak lows.

Some of that decrease could be attributed to an boost in online orders and softened potency in restaurants, “but could also advise that grill lines are not building, with sales volumes still comparatively low,” analysts wrote. 

Chipotle CEO Steve Ells concurred final year that a chain’s grill use — that expected has a outrageous impact on reviews — had started slipping.

He cited flaws like disorderly soda stations, unwashed tables, and slow-moving lines, and said the association internally rates half of a roughly 2,100 restaurants with a “C” class for service.

“We took a eye off a round on a patron use side,” Ells pronounced during a display during a Barclays investors discussion in December. 

He pronounced a association was committed to improving service. But it seems like business still aren’t seeing any formula from that effort, according to a chain’s ratings. 

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