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The ‘Game of Thrones’ hackers are seeking for millions of dollars value of bitcoin

Game Of ThronesHBO

The anonymity of bitcoin, a blockchain-backed cryptocurrency,
has done it a useful apparatus for some rapist outfits looking
to work in a shadows. 

The Italian mafia has used bitcoin
to refine income for a unlawful activities, for instance,
and a scandalous WannaCry hackers
extorted over $140,000 value of a cryptocurrency from their
malware victims

And now an unknown organisation of hackers is perfectionist HBO fork
over millions of dollars in bitcoin to keep them from
leaking supportive information about a strike uncover “Game of

The final came in a form of a five-minute video
addressed to a network’s CEO, Richard Plepler, from a “Mr.
Smith,” as reported by
Business Insider’s Alexandra Ma. 

The hackers pronounced it took them 6 months to dig HBO’s
network to entrance breeze scripts of a uncover and emails from top
execs during HBO.

They demanded their “6-month income in bitcoin” and claimed they
customarily done $12 million to $15 million per year from
identical hacks, according to a AP, implying a recover direct of
between $6 million and $7.5 million.

The recover of a hackers’ video comes one day after
British glamor model
Chloe Ayling told reporters her kidnappers pronounced they could
fetch some-more than $300,000 in bitcoin for her on a black market.

Since sell on bitcoin’s blockchain network are
decentralized and anonymous, a cryptocurrency provides an
appealing choice for criminals looking to control business
outward of a sharp eye of supervision officials. 

To be sure, a use of cryptocurrencies among criminal
organizations is still really low, notwithstanding new headlines.

“If we demeanour during reports such as this recent
one from the Council of a European Union,

will see that a volume of orderly crime
that use bitcoin is indeed most reduce than perceived,” Ross
Wilson of bitcoin sell user CoinCorner pronounced in a recent
email to Business Insider.

news from Jun found such cases involving cryptocurrencies
and orderly crime were “quite rare.”

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