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‘Love during initial sight’: The weird story of how Amazon’s understanding for Whole Foods went down (AMZN, WFM)

John Mackey“Until genocide do us part,” pronounced Whole Foods CEO John Mackey, who fell tough for Amazon after their blind date.AP

Amazon repelled a universe final week when it announced a $13.7 billion understanding to buy organic-grocer Whole Foods — a warning shot that strictly put competing grocers on notice and sent their shares tumbling. 

In a city gymnasium assembly a day a understanding was announced, Whole Foods CEO John Mackey strew light on how a understanding went down — and it’s unorthodox.

As Mackey tells it, it all started with a blind date 6 weeks ago, that was love during initial sight. 

Here’s Mackey, from a city gymnasium twin (emphasis ours):

So we just— putting it a small bit in account form— how did we meet? It was indeed mutual friends set us adult on a blind date. (LAUGHTER) And— Jason Buechel and Ken Meyer and David Lannon and we flew adult to Seattle a small over 6 weeks ago. And— it— we only fell in love. It was truly adore during initial sight. (LAUGHTER) 

I’m unequivocally serious. It’s like we came outta there. We talked for 2 1/2 hours. we consider we coulda talked for 10 hours. And— when we huddled together, it was like we only had— we only had these large grins on a faces, like, “These guys are amazing.” They’re so smart. They’re so authentic. They contend what’s on their mind. They’re not playin’ a garland of BS games. And it was like, “This is gonna be so incredible.” ‘Cause we were talkin’ about a things we can do together, things that we can't speak about currently and won’t be means to speak about until this understanding closes.

So— it’s been a whirlwind courtship. Because— small over 6 weeks after we met on this blind date, we’re— we’re f— strictly engaged, (LAUGHTER) as of today. But like an aged normal marriage, where there are all kinds of rules and chaperones, we can’t unqualified a marriage, (LAUGHTER) until we’re indeed strictly bending up. This is not— this is not a Tinder relationship. (LAUGHTER) we got a feeling I’m off script. 

A definitely passionate Mackey continues to rush about Amazon, vehemence about their creation and how good a partnership will be for Whole Foods. 

Then, bizarrely, Mackey tells a city gymnasium that he had foreseen the partnership with Amazon in a dream a year and a half ago. 

Take it away, Mackey (again, importance ours):

And we will tell we something. About a year and a half ago, I dreamed that we joined with Amazon. we woke up, and we told my mother about it. And she said, “That’s crazy.” (LAUGHTER) And we said, “I know. That’s unequivocally weird, isn’t it?”

And afterwards of course, I didn’t consider about it again, until it’s like— we remember revelation Glenda, “Glenda, do we wanna know something weird? we had this dream (LAUGHTER) a year and a half ago.” And so now, today, it’s entrance true. So dreams are absolute things.

Soon, there will be a common dream. There’ll be a Whole Foods dream merging in with an Amazon dream. And together, these dual companies are gonna do extensive dreams together.

Later, an Amazon executive starts to tell a throng that Mackey will stay on as CEO — and is interrupted by Mackey, who chimes in, “Until genocide do us part.”

There’s been a lot of gibberish that rivals competence emerge to try and outbid Amazon for Whole Foods. But formed on Mackey’s stirring testimony, it would take an awful lot to make unhappy lovers out of Amazon and Whole Foods.

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