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Kodak’s a latest association to advantage from jumping on a blockchain bandwagon — though the pierce indeed creates clarity (KODK)

Photographers take cinema as a Soyuz MS-04 booster carrying a organisation of Jack Fischer of a U.S. and Fyodor Yurchikhin of Russia blasts off to a International Space Station (ISS) from a launchpad during a Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan, Apr 20, 2017. REUTERS/Shamil Zhumatov
wants photographers to register their photos with a new
blockchain platform, designed to lane down unlawful images so
a photographers can get paid for their work.

Thomson Reuters

  • Kodak’s batch some-more than doubled in cost on Tuesday
    following news that a print association will launch a new
    blockchain-based rights-management use designed to help
    photographers get paid for a use of their images.
  • Kodak says it will use a blockchain, a technology
    behind bitcoin, to lane a online use of photos licensed
    by a system.
  • Blockchains have shown guarantee in tracking the
    licensing, use, and sale of artistic works.

Kodak shares some-more than doubled in cost on Tuesday following an
proclamation that a historically successful photography
association will launch a new blockchain product.

The association was trade during $7.05 a share, adult by $3.95, or 127.4%.

Kodak is a latest association to revitalise seductiveness in itself and see
a shares swell after creation an proclamation associated to
blockchain technology, that is behind cryptocurrencies including
bitcoin and ether.

But Kodak’s new project, that involves a rights-management
complement for images and a associated cryptocurrency, appears to be a
critical bid to use blockchain record to solve a real

Kodak CEO Jeff Clarke
Kodak CEO Jeff


“For many in a tech industry, ‘blockchain’ and ‘cryptocurrency’
are prohibited buzzwords, though for photographers who’ve prolonged struggled to
claim control over their work and how it’s used, these buzzwords
are a keys to elucidate what felt like an unsolvable problem,”
Kodak CEO Jeff Clarke pronounced in a statement.

KodakOne, a rights-management service, is designed to allow
photographers to lane a use of their copyrighted images on the

That dovetails with one of a capabilities of blockchains,
digital ledgers that can be used to lane tenure of digital
goods, including egghead property.

Kodak says a use will invariably yield a web to keep
lane of uses of images purebred in a system. When it comes
opposite unlawful uses, a use will assistance photographers get
paid for their work.

Tracking a tenure of artistic works traded and used online
could finish adult being one of a categorical uses for blockchains in the
genuine world.

It can be formidable for collectors to determine a flawlessness of
a square of art, generally those bought online, and for artists
to shorten a use of their works or safeguard remuneration for their

As one instance of how companies are regulating a digital-ledger
record to understanding with such issues, a Italian fine-art website
Look Lateral uses a blockchain called Dragonchain to generate
explanation of flawlessness for a pieces of art it sells, some of
that are value some-more than $100,000. It depends on a blockchain
to collect remuneration and offer a record of ownership.

Kodak’s image-rights project, that it grown in partnership
with a blockchain-development association Wenn Digital, will use a
new cryptocurrency called KodakCoin. When photographers license
their images by KodakOne, they will be paid in KodakCoin,
that they can afterwards sell for dollars.

KodakCoin will go on sale Jan 31 around a fundraising technique
called an initial silver offering, by that a association will
sell a set series of coins.

Companies substantiating new blockchain-based systems commonly
launch cryptocurrencies to offer as a means of exchanging money
within those systems. Such choice cryptocurrencies, however,
infrequently see their values spike as investors demeanour to distinction on
a hype around new coins.

“KodakCoin is all about profitable photographers sincerely and giving
them an event to get in on a belligerent building of a new
economy tailored for them, with secure asset-rights management
built right in,” Wenn Digital CEO Jan Denecke pronounced in the

A beta chronicle of KodakOne will launch in Q4 2018, and a full
blurb chronicle will go live in Q2 2019. 

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