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Investors are reportedly eating adult Tesla’s junk-bond sale (TSLA)

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It looks like Tesla is carrying no problem offered billions in new debt to account a ongoing operations, launch a new car, and accelerate a change sheet, that is opposed a face-melting $2-billion money bake for a rest of 2017.

“[CEO Elon] Musk brought his attract descent to a debt marketplace during a meeting for bond buyers in Manhattan on Monday and came away with orders for $600 million after only a few hours, according to investors briefed on a matter,” Bloomberg reported.

“The event was partial of a four-day debt-marketing spectacular directed during lifting $1.5 billion to support a electric carmaker’s new mass-market Model 3.”

Tesla’s debt is junk-rated: B- by SP and B3 by Moody’s. But with investors longing produce in a historically low-rate environment, a Tesla story is evidently as overwhelming to bond buyers as it has been to equity customers, who have snapped adult a billions in new shares Tesla has released over a past dual years is prior collateral raises.

But make no mistake, Tesla is really going down a opposite track this time around, one that’s diligent with risk. With shares adult roughly 70% year-to-date, it would have done clarity for Musk to go behind to that good — solely that offered some-more batch would serve intermix a interest of existing shareholders, including Musk, who controls 20% of a company.

Tesla has released debt before, though it was automobile (the many new collateral raise, in fact, was a brew of equity and debt of this type). Selling holds during this juncture, with a reported produce of around 5% (according to Bloomberg), means that Tesla’s change piece is loading adult even some-more on that liability: an additional $4.5 billion given a company’s partnership with SolarCity in late 2016.

The markets don’t seem worried, however. Tesla shares were adult over 3%, to $367, in trade on Tuesday.

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