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Roosboard Announces Search-Driven Analytics for Intuitive Visualization of Data

CUMMING, Ga., Aug. 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ – Roosboard is a precedent-setting search-based analytics platform for humans that introduces a relational hunt engine to investigate craving information rapidly, but a dependence of a technical team. The hunt analytics height presents a hunt formula as best-fit visualizations with guided hunt experience. So, users can simply analyze, discover, and build reports and dashboards in seconds. The far-reaching accumulation of alluring facilities in Roosboard make an considerable set of capabilities that let business decision-makers perform a accumulation of tasks and daydream altogether business during opening research dashboards.

Big information analytics can simply be achieved with a search-based analytics feature that helps a classification to investigate a large volume of information in seconds and also gives automobile suggestions while typing. Self-service analytics mix a energy of hunt engines with discerning visuals and origination of dashboards. Access dashboards from anywhere by intelligent phones, PCs, laptops, and tablets, or arrangement a dashboards on large shade TVs for larger prominence and even benefaction easy slideshows during a meetings to make improved decisions faster.


Roosboard seamlessly connects several databases such as SQL Server, MySQL, Amazon Redshift, PostgreSQL, Amazon RDS, Azure and Cloud SQL. The KPI dashboard enables real-time prominence of integrated information during one shade instead of switching to mixed screens. The user can maximize a widget by wizz in and wizz out and also can cavalcade down a information to n-levels.

Embedded analytics

Customers can hide a energy of Roosboard Relational Search engine into their web pages or applications, get in-depth analytics and make some-more discerning analytics by mixing discernment and movement in a same application. The Roosboard Embedded feature makes information research and business comprehension some-more permitted in all kinds of applications for users.

Many business applications can rest 100 percent on embedded hunt analytics, making their analytics routine most easier than they think, with the ability to ask questions, investigate information and expose new income streams. This provides discerning use and gives positively discerning formula on searched information that helps a classification find a dark tools in business and develop many more techniques opposite a globe.

Relational hunt engine

Relational Search is a new kind of hunt engine for information analytics that combines a palliate of use of consumer search with a speed during scale of an craving information platform.

This relational hunt engine comprehends family opposite manifold craving information sources and earnings a formula now from millions of rows of data. In a relational database, all information are stored and accessed around family that always yield a faster user experience.


Roosboard is now accessible to solve several craving problems and provides a new approach to urge business formula by hunt driven analytics. For some-more details, ask a demo during https://roosboard.com/request-demo.html.

What’s next

Roosboard’s next launch is hands-free hunt regulating voice (voice IOT devise) to investigate business information so that anyone can make discerning analytics pierce easily with their idea and targets.

About Roosboard

Say goodbye to vapid analytics! Roosboard is a subsequent era information analytics height for business executives to make improved business decisions faster. The absolute search-driven underline provides free business analytics for countless enterprises. It integrates with information sources to give present reports in seconds and reduces news backlogs adult to 90 percent. No need to wait for a month or week to beget a report; instead, get a real-time news and lane a business metrics during one place. Roosboard is a self-service portal for handling business processes, permitting anyone to emanate opening monitoring dashboards regulating their possess information and arrangement it in a pleasing way.



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website: https://roosboard.com
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