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Morning News Call

(India Morning Newsletter will not be published on Monday, Jun 26, as markets
are sealed for Eid-Ul-Fitr)

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10:00 am: Urban Development Minister Venkaiah Naidu during an eventuality in New
11:00 am: Earth Sciences Minister Harshvardhan during an eventuality in New Delhi.
11:30 am: Union Bank of India binds annual shareholders assembly in Mumbai.
11:45 am: Telecom Minister Manoj Sinha, External Affairs Minister Sushma
Swaraj during an eventuality in New Delhi.
1:30 pm: RBI Deputy Governor S.S. Mundra during an eventuality in Mumbai.
5:00 pm: RBI to recover weekly unfamiliar sell information in Mumbai.

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• U.S. set to approve India’s squeeze of drones before Modi visit
The United States is approaching to approve India’s squeeze of a naval variant
of a Predator drone, a source informed with a conditions said, as Prime
Minister Narendra Modi tries to reanimate family with Washington when he
meets President Donald Trump for a initial time.
• Uber hires law organisation to examine how it rubbed India rape case-source
Uber Technologies Inc has hired a law organisation to examine how it obtained
the medical annals of an Indian lady who was raped by an Uber motorist in 2014.
The examination will concentration in partial on accusations from some stream and former
employees that bribes were involved, dual people informed with a matter told
• SEBI proposes stricter subdivision on investment products
Indian marketplace regulator a Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) on
Thursday due to some-more clearly sequester entities advising on investment
products from those offered them in an bid to forestall conflicts of interest.

• India plantation protests pull for arise in succulent oils import tax
India’s supervision is confronting ascent vigour to lift import duties on
edible oils after farmers staged mass protests in pivotal plantation states amid a slump
in oilseed prices to subsequent supervision support levels.
• India to take visual stairs to safeguard telecoms expansion – statement
India’s telecoms apportion pronounced on Thursday that a supervision would take
corrective stairs to safeguard expansion in a sector, a world’s second-biggest by
number of users, amid worries about financial stress.
• India cenbank rejigs slip row for bad loan resolution
India’s executive bank on Thursday reconstituted a row to oversee
restructuring of uneasy loans, as it strives to cut some-more than $150 billion of
bad debt banks in Asia’s third-largest economy have amassed over a past
• Thyssenkrupp signals steel partnership preference by finish Sept -works council
Germany’s Thyssenkrupp wants to confirm by a finish of Sep either to
pursue a European steel partnership with India’s Tata Steel, a conduct of a steel
works legislature pronounced on Thursday.
• Indian IT zone run organisation sees trade expansion during 7-8 percent for 2017/18
A heading run organisation for India’s IT attention on Thursday foresee the
sector’s trade revenues to grow during 7-8 percent for a year to March, around
the expansion levels seen final year, as a attention faces continued headwinds from
the U.S. market.

• North Korea tests rocket engine, presumably for ICBM – U.S. officials
North Korea has carried out another exam of a rocket engine that a United
States believes could be partial of a module to arise an intercontinental
ballistic missile, a U.S. central told Reuters on Thursday.
• Senate Republicans betray Obamacare deputy bill, though predestine uncertain
U.S. Senate Republicans on Thursday denounced legislation that would replace
Obamacare with a devise that beam behind assist to a bad and kills a taxation on the
wealthy, though a bill’s predestine was fast thrown into doubt as several
senators uttered skepticism.
• China Unicom depends Alibaba, Tencent among investors in expostulate to lift $10
billion -sources
Chinese tech giants Alibaba Group Holdings and Tencent Holdings will be
among new investors pouring a sum of around $10 billion into mobile carrier
China Unicom, sources said, partial of efforts by Beijing to reinvigorate state
behemoths with private cash.

(As reported by NewsRise)
• The SGX Nifty Futures were trade during 9,630.50, small altered from its
previous close.
• The Indian rupee is staid to open small altered opposite a dollar
tracking churned Asian cues, even as a miscarry in wanton oil prices is approaching to
aid risk sentiment.
• Indian supervision holds will expected corner reduce forward of a uninformed supply of
notes by a weekly auction today. The produce on a benchmark 6.79 percent
bond sappy in 2027 is expected to trade in a 6.43 percent-6.48 percent band

• The SP medical index rose 1 percent on Thursday, attack a fifth
consecutive record tighten following a recover of Senate Republicans’ check to
replace Obamacare, while financial and consumer tack shares finished lower.
• Asian shares baulked during a starting embankment though remained on lane for a
weekly gain, while wanton oil prices pulled divided from this week’s 10-month lows.

• The dollar was small altered as traders noted time forward of subsequent week’s
U.S. inflation-linked indicators, while commodity currencies like a Canadian
dollar hold to gains following a rebound in wanton oil prices.
• U.S. Treasury prices were fast to somewhat reduce on Thursday while the
yield bend was somewhat steeper, suggesting a flattening of a produce curve
this week was stalling on a arise in oil prices.
• Oil edged up, recuperating somewhat from high falls progressing in a week,
but is set for a misfortune behaving first-half in dual decades notwithstanding ongoing
production cuts.
• Gold hold solid above a five-week low overwhelmed progressing this week,
supported by technicals, though a steel was still on lane for a third weekly

PNDF mark 64.53/64.56 Jun 22 — $22.45 mln
10-yr bond produce 6.82 Month-to-date $254.49 mln $3.84 bln
Year-to-date $8.23 bln $17.28 bln

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($1 = 64.5900 Indian rupees)

(Compiled by Nayyar Rasheed in Bengaluru)

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