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Frost & Sullivan Commends Yokogawa’s Offer of Exceptional Customer Value by Pursuing an Inorganic Growth Strategy

Yokogawa’s extensive solutions and services assistance routine automation finish users run smarter, faster, some-more responsive, and essential operations

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Jan. 11, 2018 /CNW/ – Based on a new investigate of a automation solutions and services market, Frost Sullivan has famous Yokogawa Electric Corporation with a 2017 Global Frost Sullivan Award for Customer Value Leadership. In response to a change from layered/hierarchical industrial architectures to networked/integrated architectures, Yokogawa done several critical acquisitions to settle a position as one of a distinguished resolution providers for modernized solutions opposite a routine automation industry. These partnerships enabled it to seamlessly broach bottom line-impacting solutions and services that raise operational safety, stability, productivity, and craving resilience.

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Some new distinguished acquisitions by Yokogawa include:

  • Industrial Evolution, Inc. (December 2015): This association provides cloud-based information pity services to countless Fortune 100 companies. With this acquisition, Yokogawa is means to broach Data-as-a-Service height capabilities to a commissioned base.
  • KBC Advanced Technologies Limited (April 2016): This association achieves operational value and profitability in a upstream and downstream segments of a oil and gas industry. Following a acquisition, Yokogawa filled a opening in a portfolio with a differentiated mix of modernized program and operational consulting capabilities to turn a extensive resolution provider. It skeleton to mix a best-in-class measurement, control, and IT with KBC’s program and Industrial Evolution’s information pity capability to expostulate business value.
  • Soteica Visual Mesa, LCC (October 2016): This merger included Yokogawa with prolongation accounting, scheduling, and appetite government capabilities.

“Yokogawa’s critical acquisitions assistance expostulate differentiated patron value by finding areas of improvement, automating a production processes, and nutritious these advantages by continual improvement,” pronounced Frost Sullivan Consulting Manager – Muthuraman ‘Ram’ Ramasamy. “Its holistic resolution and use portfolios boost a lapse on collateral employed while obscure variability in operational performance.”

Frost Sullivan celebrated that routine automation finish users desire the agreeable formation of operational record (OT), IT, and lifecycle management. Even yet a majority levels of these companies vary, Yokogawa has been means to know their industry-specific needs and interpret that believe to customized solutions.

While a association is aggressively building a participation in the United States, it is also a top-three member in Asia-Pacific, a Middle East, and Europe. Significantly, Yokogawa is one of a few eccentric automation companies focused on a appetite and chemical value chains, and several vast integrated oil and gas companies, such as Shell and Gazprom Neft, continue to replenish long-term contracts.

“While many competitors have strengths in specific value sequence segments, Yokogawa’s integrated value tender allows it to offer end-to-end services opposite a extended spectrum of straight markets. For example, KBC Advanced Technologies presents trickery simulation, reactor models, tube simulations, upsurge displaying and liquid modeling, and KBC Co-Pilot Programâ„¢, in further to value-added services centered on a end-user’s business, probable operational improvements, and worker performance,” remarkable Ram Ramasamy. “Furthermore, strategically located use centers via Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and the United States safeguard that a association is means to fast respond to clients’ needs.”

The Industry Automation (IA) business prophesy of Yokogawa is to turn a many devoted partner and expostulate postulated operational opening improvements for business in a appetite and chemicals value chain. This prophesy matter from IA is really timely since business are now confused by several record convergences and sensitivity issues—the categorical ones being a change to enterprise-scale optimization and a use of open standards. As a marketplace navigates by these changes, Yokogawa is proof to be one of a pivotal automation resolution providers of choice opposite end-user segments.

Each year, Frost Sullivan presents this endowment to a association that has demonstrated value in implementing strategies that proactively emanate value for a business with a concentration on improving their lapse on a investment done in a services or products. The endowment recognizes a company’s lavish concentration on augmenting a value that a business receive, over simply good patron service, heading to softened patron retention, and, ultimately, patron bottom expansion.

Frost Sullivan Best Practices awards commend companies in a accumulation of informal and tellurian markets for demonstrating superb feat and higher opening in areas such as leadership, technological innovation, patron service, and critical product development.

About Yokogawa Electric Corporation

Yokogawa’s tellurian network of 113 companies spans 60 countries. Founded in 1915, a US$3.5 billion association engages in cutting-edge investigate and innovation. Yokogawa is active in a industrial automation and control (IA), exam and measurement, and aviation and other businesses segments. The IA shred plays a critical purpose in a far-reaching operation of industries including oil, chemicals, healthy gas, power, iron and steel, pap and paper, pharmaceuticals, and food. Targeting this segment, Yokogawa helps companies maximize their increase by charity a far-reaching operation of rarely arguable products and operative with a auxiliary KBC Advanced Technologies to yield reward solutions and services. For some-more information about Yokogawa, greatfully revisit www.yokogawa.com.

About Frost Sullivan

Frost Sullivan, a Growth Partnership Company, works in partnership with clients to precedence idealist creation that addresses a tellurian hurdles and associated expansion opportunities that will make or mangle today’s marketplace participants. For some-more than 50 years, we have been building expansion strategies for a tellurian 1000, rising businesses, a open zone and a investment community. Contact us: Start a discussion.


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