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Elon Musk took a poke during Volvo while articulate about a Tesla Model 3’s pile-up test

tesla indication 3 volvo s60 side impact pile-up test
A perspective of a Tesla Model
3’s side-impact stick pile-up test.


Tesla CEO Elon Musk took a poke during Volvo while articulate about
reserve facilities on a Tesla Model 3, his company’s new
entry-level electric car.

During a handover eventuality during Tesla’s bureau in Fremont,
California, Friday night, Musk showed a video that he said
displayed corresponding clips of a Model 3 and a 2016 Volvo S60
undergoing a same pile-up test.

The exam is a form of side-impact pile-up make-believe that mimics a
automobile colliding laterally into a stick during 20mph which, in this test,
would typically means vital repairs to a driver-side doorway and a
apportionment of a roof.

The video seemed to uncover that a Volvo S60, which
achieved a five-star pile-up reserve rating in all categories
according to a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration,
was shop-worn some-more exceedingly than a Model 3.

“There’s a lot of cars that contend they’re five-star — they
are five-star — yet that’s not a systematic metric,”
Musk said. “Even something like a Volvo — good car. By normal
standards, really safe. The Volvo is arguably a second-safest car
in a world,” he said, eliciting laughs and acclaim from the

“It is apparent that automobile we would cite to be in, in an

Watch a impulse below, starting during a 4:14 mark:

There was some difficulty about that test, after some internet
commenters suggested a Volvo S60 was crashed during a aloft speed
than a Model 3. But a corresponding comparison in a video
above does seem to uncover dual matching side-impact pole
collisions occurring during 20mph
according to NHTSA documentation, and Tesla reliable in an
email to Business Insider that a side-impact tests in a video
were indeed a same.

Musk has done such a comparison in a past, hailing Tesla’s
pile-up reserve as a best in a world, a matter that has
held a courtesy of some attention veterans since Volvos
have a longstanding repute for safety. The association even has a
devise to discharge crash
deaths in a new cars by 2020.

Volvo XC90 front crash
A Volvo XC90 pile-up test.
Volvo Car Group

It started with a chair belts

The 90-year-old Swedish automaker was a initial to install
three-point chair belts in a automobile in 1959 and has achieved top
ratings in crash-test categories for decades. Business Insider
asked Volvo Cars US CEO Lex Kerssemakers final year for his take
on Musk’s ambition
to have Tesla unseat Volvo as a safest cars on a road.

“In a end, we need to emanate a multitude where 33,000 people
aren’t killed [in automobile accidents] each year, so we can only
inspire him in creation protected cars,” Kerssemakers pronounced of the
Tesla CEO. “I know that is a safest automobile company, and we’re not
going to give that up,” he said.

The Volvo executive pronounced that eventually he’s not endangered with
titles, observant car reserve is a long-term journey.

“It’s not about “we’ve got to win this year and that year. We
collect information from real-world accidents, and we’ve got a really
good thought how cars conflict in opposite collision scenarios,”
Kerssemakers said.

Tesla has formerly taken a reduction free perspective of Tesla
crash-test formula that were anything reduction than ideal — notably
after a new exam of a Model S that perceived a Insurance
Institute for Highway Safety’s (IIHS)
second-highest rating in a frontal collision.

Tesla strike behind during a IIHS, suggesting a group was motivated
by “subjective purposes.”

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