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Elon Musk done a startling proclamation about Tesla’s subsequent automobile (TSLA)

Elon MuskTesla CEO Elon Musk is changing march on a Model Y.REUTERS/Beck Diefenbach

Tesla CEO Elon Musk done a warn proclamation during Wednesday’s second-quarter gain call.

Musk pronounced Tesla will no longer use an wholly opposite car design to build a Model Y, a compress SUV due to strike a marketplace by 2020. Tesla will instead steal from a Model 3’s platform.

That should make Model Y prolongation a lot easier in a future.

“Upon a legislature of my executive group to tilt me behind from a cliffs of insanity, a Model Y will, in fact, be regulating estimable lift over from Model 3 in sequence to pierce it to marketplace faster,” Musk said.

During a company’s first-quarter gain call in May, Musk pronounced Tesla would use a car height opposite from a Model 3, to build a Model Y.

That could have been a catastrophic move.

Major automakers use a singular “vehicle architecture” to arrange a family of cars, permitting for some-more efficient, reduction dear production. General Motors, for example, uses a same design for Chevys, Buicks, GMCs, and Cadillacs.

Before a first-quarter gain call, many insincere Tesla would rest on a Model 3’s car height to build destiny Tesla vehicles, a initial being a Model Y.

Considering Tesla’s past prolongation challenges, it follows fit that Tesla would wish to streamline things as most as possible.

Musk done it really transparent on a gain call that his executive group suggested him to change course.

“I have to appreciate my executive group for interlude me from being a fool,” Musk said. “Model Y will have comparatively low technical and prolongation risk as a result.”

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