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BARCLAYS: We’re still watchful on Tesla’s ‘iPhone moment’ (TSLA)

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Delayed Model 3 deliveries and a behind report electric roughly lorry have pushed shares of Tesla down roughly 9% given a center of September.

That drop, joined with other hiccups in September, has already netted short sellers a cold $160 million – and there could be some-more event for traders to gamble opposite a stock, according to Barclays.

In a note to clients Monday, a investment bank pronounced hype around Tesla’s Semi “is during slightest a short-term trade event to float Tesla down,” and that any probable “iPhone moment” investors were watchful for “appears reduction certain.”

“With a hype cycle around Tesla Semi behind for another month, we design a batch to come underneath vigour in a brief term, while looking for any incomparable mangle in financier certainty that could lead a shares closer to a $210 cost target,” pronounced researcher Brian Johnson in a note.

Bloomberg information shows his $210 cost target for Tesla shares is well below a Wall Street accord of $340, and that he is one of a many bearish analysts surveyed.

The loyal exam of Tesla’s batch cost will occur in a entrance weeks, before a company’s Nov 19 big-rig announcement, when a center shred of investors – coined “purple pillers” by a bank – may lose certainty and be convinced to a bear side. 

“Purple pillers are a some-more picturesque throng – and generally don’t trust a blue-sky Tesla scenarios due by blue pillers (in that Tesla will sell several million units a year, while also heading in other business opportunities – e.g. battery storage),” Johnson wrote. “However, they commend that Tesla batch is driven by a estimable series of uber-bull investors who trust in these scenarios.”

“So when faced with hurdles to a sincerity of a ramp – mostly encapsulated in tweets, as against to a some-more conservatively created and compliance/legal accessible versions of a quarterly shareholder letters – there could be some detriment in confidence,” Johnson says. 

Despite a brief drops, shares of Tesla have gained 74% over a final year. 

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