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A mythological Ford plant could be moving Elon Musk’s ideas about how to re-imagine factories (TSLA)

River RougeRiver Rouge, in a heyday.Wikimedia Commons

Tesla has brought online a massive $5-billion lithium-ion battery bureau in Nevada — a Gigafactory.

The company formed a partnership with Panasonic to get a facility up and running. CEO Elon Musk says that other sites for additional Gigafactories are in a picture.

The Nevada Gigafactory is called “Gigafactory 1.” Future Gigafactories will likely be located in other countries, and their could be half a dozen of them.

Way behind in 2014, Tesla summarized how a Gigafactory competence work. In a minute to investors, wrote: “Processed ore from mines will enter by railcar on one side and finished battery packs will exit on a other.”

Anyone who knows a story of a vehicle attention will commend in that outline a probable anxiety to Ford’s River Rouge plant, a sprawling trickery that for decades symbolized a competence of a US vehicle attention and a virtues of “vertical integration” in manufacturing. This is a simplification, though for all unsentimental functions iron ore went in one finish and finished cars rolled out a other. Everything compulsory to build an vehicle was on-site.

The gargantuan plant operated until 2004.

Tesla’s ambitions for a Gigafactory are huge. It’s been remarkable by attention observers that if a association succeeds in building 500,000 vehicles per year, there won’t be adequate lithium-ion batteries in a universe to supply a needs. So Musk and his team must build a battery ability that a creation now lacks.

As Tesla strives to boost prolongation to 500,000 vehicles annually by 2018, Musk has begun to highlight that some-more straight formation is a approach brazen for a automobile maker. This runs opposite to a multi-decade trend in a vehicle industry, where supposed “lean” or “just in time” prolongation has been a elite operational mode.

Check out these images and stats from a River Rouge bureau (they’re from an aged film that’s on YouTube — it’s value examination but, during a half an hour in length, is a bit too prolonged to hide here).

The bureau was literally located on a stream — a Rouge River in Dearborn, Mich., where Ford still has a HQ.

River Rouge 2Wikimedia Commons

It consisted of scarcely 100 buildings.River Rouge 3YouTube

That many structures compulsory a lot of glass, to yield light and ventilation!River Rouge 4YouTube

Materials were changed in and around a plant by a immeasurable network of tyrannise tracks.River Rouge 5YouTube

It goes but observant that a pitch of America’s industrial age was a vital employer in Michigan.River Rouge 6YouTube

But in many places, those employees were lilliputian by a plant’s considerable machinery.River Rouge 7YouTube

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